Monday, May 9, 2011

Observations, A Tribute and Eternal Hope

Last Friday I told you that my Grandpa died.  I loved him so much!

It’s not like I got to see him all that much, seeing as how he lived in Denver, CO, but for some reason I have always felt a close connection with him.

Maybe it was because he was so much like my dad.
Maybe it was his gentle spirit about him.
Maybe it was the way he cut his orange(s) every morning for breakfast.
Maybe it was the tremors I felt in his hands when I’d hold them while we’d pray.
Maybe it was the way he always made light of sad situations.
Maybe it was the way he’d scratch his back on the corner of a wall like a bear against a tree.
Maybe it was the smell of his Old Spice aftershave that would fill the house after his shower.
Maybe it was the way he would make himself laugh, in turn, making everyone around him laugh.
Maybe it was his love for Jeeping and fishing in the mountains.
Maybe it was his endless stashes of snacks that grandma would always try to keep out of his reach.  He’d just say, “I’m just snitchin’”
Maybe it was his sweet kisses or the way he’d swallow you up in his huge hugs.
Maybe it was the way he helped us pan for gold in the freezing cold mountain creeks.
Maybe it was the way I could crawl up in his lap for him to do the German “Cau Crichen”

I have loved all of my grandparents.  I miss all my grandparents.

When I heard the news about Grandpa I started crying.  Zeke came up to me with a very concerned look on his face and asked what was wrong.  I told him why I was sad and he said, very lovingly,  “but it’s okay mommy…you get to see him in heaven again.”

What a sweet reminder that as a believer we know that it isn’t over!  We have the hope of eternal life with  our Heavenly Father, free of fear, sadness, pain…and goodbyes.
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