Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have been neglecting ECB deals at CVS for quite some time.  I've barely done enough just to keep my ECB's from expiring.  I knew it was getting bad when Josh lovingly told me that our "stash", the CVS store hiding in our bathroom linen closet, was looking pretty pathetic and it was time to go score some deals.

Still, it wasn't until I saw this status on Josh's cousin's wife's facebook page, "just robbed CVS again.  How do they stay in business?"

So, thank you Morgan for re-inspiring me to get out their and "steal" those deals again!

Started w/ 9 ECB's
Total before coupons - $44.48

Total saved: $40.38

Ended w/ 8 ECB's

Man, did that feel good!
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