Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Chaos To Control: Closets

Closets are another area in the house that can really get out of control.  I think a big part of it is because nobody else really sees it.  Most closets have doors and most women keep them closed...for apparent reason, ha!

Here is what I did to clean up our bathroom linen closet.  I had to keep in mind placement of medicines and things like that for safety issues.

1 - I pulled everything off of the top shelf and worked my way down.

2 - I made separate piles for adult medicine, children's medicine, first aid, things that don't belong, and other toiletries.

3 - I emptied the baskets and sorted everything in its appropriate pile

4 - The top shelf is my extra house decorations so I just straightened those up

5 - I then went through all the medicines, throwing away any expired ones or empty boxes (that would be Josh's doing, ha!), and put them in the "adult medicine" or "children's medicine" baskets

6 - I cleared out a basket for all of our shampoo, conditioner and face wash.  Another basket for Oral Hygiene, another little basket for samples (I use these on the road), and straightened the bottom shelf.

7 - I put all the things that don't belong in this closet AWAY!



The easiest way for me to clean a huge disorganized mess is to totally take everything out and start over.  Make piles so you know how much you have to work with in each category, get rid of excess junk and put everything else away that doesn't belong!
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