Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Suitcase"

Zeke god a backpack a couple of months ago.  It goes everywhere with him.  It even sits across the room so he can see it when he goes to bed.  He is constantly going through it to make sure everything he needs is inside. 

It's actually been kind of nice sometimes, because when we are going to be out of the house for a while and I tell Zeke, "Now buddy, if you have to go potty DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG  because I didn't bring an extra set of undies."  He just simply replies, "It's OK mom, I have some in my suitcase:)"

He packs extra clothes if we are going to be going out of town, albeit it's usually all jammies and a superhero T-shirt, ha, and toys for the trip.

He knows exactly what is inside...but I never do.

So, one morning during breakfast I snuck in to take a look for myself, and this is what I found!
We've got all his favorite "animals", about 4 pairs of underwear, his prayer journal, lots of sticker and activity books, his cell phone, extra "Pixie Dust", his Ben10 watch, some shirts and his laptop, and an assortment of much-needed toys.  Looks like he's ready for a day in the wondoffice:)

No wonder I keep finding him laying on his back, having fallen backwards because of the weight in his bag, ha!
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