Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lessons From The Classroom - Moths

I started out this homeschool journey being pretty creative and having lots of fun things for us to do.  Then my lesson plans ran out.  I had only scheduled through December.  January was spent trying to find a new groove for school.

Then Areyna fell in love with moths.

These spring evenings have found us outside until bedtime laying in the driveway looking for constellations, flashlight wagon rides in the surrounding fields and catching moths.  I think we were up to 9 moths at some point.
Areyna playing with her moths
The more excited Areyna got about them the more I wanted to learn about them.  So, that's just what we did.  We used the ol' faithful resource, the internet, to watch videos of the life cycle of moths, learn about the differences between butterflies and moths and then some basic essentials for housing moths.

Did you know that an adult moth does not eat?  Yeah, I didn't either.  Once they come out of the cocoon they no longer have mouths but a straw-like tongue to get nutrients through mud-water and nectar.

After we learned the life cycle we drew our own!  I let them choose how they wanted to create it:)

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