Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lessons From The Classroom - Beginning Our Garden

Last week we took a trip to a farm in Henderson and picked out the perfect bales of straw for our garden.

Straw bale garden?  Yup, you read that right.  I'd never heard of it either, until last year.

I was reading one of my cyber-friend's blogs and she was documenting her progress.

After seeing her progress, and for the little fact that the entire town of Rolesville sits on top of Stone Granite (which is only about 6" under the soil), I decided to go another route with our own garden this year.

So this past week we began our garden.

Well, not really, but we did began prepping the bales.

We will be watering them on a daily basis until they are completely soaked.

The next step for the bales is to "fertilize" them.  "They" (whoever "they" are) say that you need to nuke it with a Nitrogen-dense fertilizer, but after going to Lowe's I found out that most places are not allowed to carry that anymore because that is what was used to make the bombs in the Oklahoma bombings.

So, in order to keep a low profile, I mean, I'd hate to be flagged as a terrorist in the middle of our adoption process:), we compromised and chose a 29-0-5 Lawn Fertilizer, which should do the trick just fine!

Really, all we want is an "exploding" garden, haha!  OK, that wasn't really that funny...

Anyway, so, like I said earlier, right now we are just watering.  I'll walk you through the fertilizing stage when we get there.

If you want to join us in our experience, go out to your local farm (or just go to a hardware store, they probably have them for sale) and pick up a few bales.  You can get them for about $5/each.  We are starting with three this year.
Here's to a juicy harvest this season!
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