Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

I'm such a systematic girl:)  I drove to Charlotte to play with my friend Sara Scott at CharlotteONE  on Tuesday and by the time I got home Wednesday morning I felt like my whole week was thrown off!  We've only done school one day and I've been catching up on my sleep from the late night.  Oh well, the signs of getting older have begun...besides it was SO good to see some friends I haven't seen in forever!

Areyna's 6th birthday was on Monday.  She told us, several times, that it was her BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!  We took off to Henderson for a day with old friends and a real farm outing with...
 tractor rides, bird nest spottings,

 straw bale and rock climbing.

We all had a wonderful time!
Well...most of us did:)  Mondays are tough on little Cai-bo;)

One of the first things on the agenda, after deciding to adopt, was to let all our used car dealer friends know that we needed a new vehicle.  One that could hold all of us, plus all our music stuff.  Well, yesterday we drove around THE car...I think.  It's a Yukon XL and we LOVED it!  It is at a mechanic getting checked out to make sure it is in good condition.  It will be SO nice to have 2 vehicles again.  Especially one that we know will work for our growing family!

Josh and some of his buddies have been in the studio all day today tracking some Scripture Memory Songs that will go along with my book that starts next week!  You still have time to enter to win a FREE copy at the Internet Cafe  HERE!  Make sure you come visit me at the beginning of every week to download your mp3 for that weeks lesson.

You all did pretty good at guessing who sits where at our table.  Here's the correct answers:)

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Have a GREAT weekend!
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