Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lessons From The Classroom - Arch Enemies

We got this awesome science kit for Christmas that our kids have been dying to get into!

I decided that I felt brave enough to venture into the world of experiments and found a good one to get started with.

We talked about the differences between water and oil.
Areyna got to see first hand what the oil did when you mix it with the water.  We talked about how the oil and water aren't friends with each other and that it is hard for them to get along.

But then we mixed a little soap in with the oil and water.
 We took turns shaking it up really good.  I think that they got more out of shaking the bubbly water than the experiment itself...

We then talked about how the soap was the "agent" that helped the oil and water become friends and mix better together.

It was a lot of fun and I think it was a great ice breaker for this momma into the science realm:)

A quick update on Areyna's reading:  she has begun to sound out words on her own for Zeke and herself.  She has just amazed me with how quickly she has picked up on reading.  She is reading 7 and even 8 letter words.

A quick update on Zeke's schooling:  Josh and I reformatted our old desktop computer and put it in the school room.  We taught them how to turn it on and off, and how to get on the internet (with a filter of course) and put links at the top so they can get on Starfall and Sesame Street all by themselves.  So, when I'm working with Areyna on her reading Zeke does educational games on the computer.  I had never thought I'd say this, but these programs have taught Zeke more than I ever could with songs, games and visual tactics that are just perfect for him!  He can now count without skipping so many numbers, consistently remember the number ONE and what it looks like, as well as write it.  He can also trace.  This is a big deal ya'll!  Before, when I'd ask him to trace letters or objects, he simply  He'd try and it would look like squiggles all in and out of the lines.  Not anymore!  He traced the letter "N" and told me that he traced an "N".  That means he is beginning to retain the letter names, what?!  We were beyond ecstatic when he showed us his new trick:)
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