Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

Our job is so hard to get used to sometimes.  We don't have normal hours and nothing is ever consistent.  We may be wondering what we're doing with our lives one month and then so busy traveling that we only get to sleep in our own bed a couple of days the next month.  It makes for an exciting journey, though!

March has been one such month.  We've only slept in our own bed for 2 nights over the past week and a half, but oh the fun we've had.

This past Wednesday was our Nine-Year Anniversary.  We opted for another Frugal Anniversary this year, seeing as we are trying to save our money to bring home a little girl from Uganda, ha!

We ended up staying in the basement at Josh's parent's house at the Via Hotel where we could come and go freely while Meme and Poppie gratefully watched the kids upstairs.  We have a tradition of saving up our gift cards from Birthdays and other holidays for this special event every year.  We always like to see how much money we can NOT spend as we celebrate our marriage together.

Here are just a few of the fun things we did together:

We hiked The Peaks where Josh proposed to me 10 years ago
It's a good thing I always come prepared with appropriate footwear:)
We went to see a movie.  
You know the last time we saw a movie it only cost $8.25.
What is this world coming to????
We hung out at Barnes-n-Noble
I wanted to buy this book...
...but Josh said that maybe we should try this one first, ha!
We did do a few other fun activities too;)

Right now I am sitting here listening to big band music while Josh and the boys create song #4 for the Resurrection Songs Album that comes out next week.  I love our job!

After we finish recording today we are heading to the beach for a couples retreat and then we get to be back at our home church on Sunday!  I love our lives.
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