Monday, January 17, 2011

Not me Monday - Turn Up The Heat;)

Josh and I are super smart when it comes to maintaining a home.

Yup!  We Sure are:)

When something goes wrong we always think of the most practical thing that could be causing the problem.

So, of course, when the heat began knocking and continuously running, although it wouldn't get above 63 degrees in the house, we KNEW it was the air filter.

Of course!

We would never just try turning the heat off for a day or two to see if that would solve the problem.  I mean, we all know that heaters just get tired sometimes. Right? Right.

Nope, not us!

We would never let it go on so long that we would get woken up in the middle of the night, thinking that someone was breaking down the front door, when in reality it was just the heater working overtime, knocking and banging around above us.

Nope, not us!

We would certainly check the air filter before contacting our landlord, who now lives in TN, by the way, to call a local heating guy to come over...

only to charge us $80 to tell us it was the air filter.

No way, not us!

We would have checked that on our own.  Hello!

It's a good thing this kind of stuff never happens to us,

because then our poor landlord would need to send out a "friendly reminder" to all their tenants, reminding us to "please check your air filters, as stated in the contract", as to eliminate extra fees, headache...

...and, might I add, a super "hot" heating bill, ha!

Shew, good thing we never do stuff like that.

Not us!
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