Friday, January 14, 2011


Well, we've had a downright crappy week
in our house this week.

It seemed like every area was hit and I'm just exhausted!

It's that feeling like you just can't stop to catch your breathe.

Now, these weren't HUGE things that happened...

well, maybe a couple of them were,

but there were enough small things that occurred
that made us just want to freeze time and start over.

You know what I mean?
Of course not, nobody else ever feels like this;)

I do have a few things that keep me going, though.

Godly friends who encourage
a wonderful, understanding husband
an Areyna, who was so excited for me to sleep well in my pretty jammies
a Zeke who insists on helping me in any way he can
a Micaiah who knows to be "gentle" with his mommy
(even if that is the ONLY thing he is gentle with)
and a Savior, who's mercies are new every morning!

So, as I rejoice that the sun in shining on another New and Fresh day
I thank God for his New and Fresh Faithfulness today!
And since I'm talking about things that keep my heart alive

Here are a few essentials that keep sweet Micaiah going:
he always scurries to grab these 3 things 
when it's time for him to get out of bed.
Monster (thanks Uncle Andrew and Aunt Dana)
and Puppy (Rainy got it for him for Christmas.
She KNEW he'd like it!)

See, we all need something:)

Happy Friday, ya'll!  Have a terrific weekend.
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