Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Know What's Cooler Than Making $600 At Our Yard Sale?

Well, we just figured out that we have the most AWESOME yard for a yard sale!

It comes with built-in parking...
 Friends who have awesome kids who believe in what we are doing.
They woke up at the butt-crack to set up and pass out Hot Chocolate to our buyers.
(Can you see Rainy and Zeke's Cash register?  I put it to good use on Saturday:)
 More awesome friends who totally owned this yard sale after I got sick
and made tons of signs to give awareness to the cause...
 A huge yard right by a main street through town,
to lay out all the donated items for us to sell.

And help worth more than they'll ever know!
Our friends and church body have really shown up this past week
to help not only make this yard sale happen,
but just loving on us and praying over us through this time.

We were glad that the flurries started AFTER we were done!
...and yes, we did use our grill for a heater, ha!

After counting up all the cash and change we had made
we were totally overwhelmed how much the Lord provided!
We were hoping to get about $150 (we've never done yard sales before)
but obviously God had bigger plans.


Yup, exactly $600!
We are MORE than thrilled.

But here is what was even cooler than the money we made to bring our little girl home.
After it was all said and done we still had several boxes that consisted of
shoes, coats, baby items, clothes and toys.

Our original plan was just to load it up and drop it off at the goodwill,
but decided, instead to do something way better.

Josh and our friend Craig, loaded everything up in his truck,
grabbed a hand full of "All That Glitters"
and drove down the road to the trailer park where we know there are hurting people.
The guys then played "Santa" as they delivered much-needed items to those people.
Some without electricity, another who was a 16-year-old mom, among many others.

What a gift!

Those of you who donated for our yard sale not only helped 
to give the gift of a family for the little girl we are hoping to bring home,
but you brought the hope of Christ and 
much-needed aid to local families in our very own community.

Praise The Lord!
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