Monday, December 13, 2010

Not Me Monday

Josh and I would never switch the lock on the kid's bedroom door, so as to eliminate the ongoing temptation the kids seem to have to keep getting out of their room during times that they shouldn't.
Nope, not us!
We'd never do something as mean as that!
Because if we did, I might go in their room one day and shut the door behind me, only to find that I had locked myself in.  And that would NEVER happen to me!
Nope, not me!

I am a very efficient worker.  I have a hard time settling down and relaxing.  This is true. REALLY, it is!
And since I am so efficient I am always looking for little things to get done to really make good use of my time.
So, if I see that the dishwasher is full of dishes I am going to unload that dishwasher if I know that I have a free couple of minutes.
And, since I am SO efficient, I would always check to make sure that the dishwasher full of dishes is in fact, full of DIRTY dishes.
Yup, I am just good like that.
I would never unload a dishwasher full of dirty dishes.
Nope, not me!

Potty talk is always a private thing for our family.

So, when we stop at a rest area, Zeke would never give a play-by-play of how his poopie was coming.  You know, like, "I'm not done yet, mommy.  Poopie is still comin'!"  and "I still feel it coming out" and I just pooted (heehee)" and "I just pooted AGAIN!" and "I'm almost done poopin' now mommy, I just have to wipe my bootie...".
Nope, not my son!
Especially after two complete strangers walk in the bathroom and start giggling in their stalls.  That would be too embarrassing.
Nope, not Zeke.

And since our family always keeps things like that to ourselves...

Areyna's ears would never be so clogged up on the airplane that she would literally yell out, thinking that she was just whisperingevery time she pooted or had to poop.
Nope, not my daughter!
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