Friday, December 10, 2010

Facts For Friday

These aren't necessarily "Fun Facts" today, but facts none-the-less

1 - Areyna and I flew into Colorado last night for my Grandmother's funeral.  She was exactly one week shy of her 89th birthday.

2 - When my family gets together for funerals...we know how to have a good time=)  See, my Grandfather was a Funeral Director and my mom grew up knowing that death was a normal life occurrence, but that, as a believer, it wasn't the end.  With that in mind, we take time to grieve, but then take time to enjoy each other as a family, knowing that out time here on earth is precious and that we don't ever get to have time together.  For instance, my cousin Becky, hasn't seen Areyna since she was less than a year old!

3 - Speaking of my cousin, Becky, every time I hear Areyna's laugh it reminds me of my cousin.  That sweet laugh of my daughter brings me back to my childhood memories of playing house and orphan with Becky.  I'm telling you, their laugh is exactly the same!

4 - Speaking of Funeral Director...since my mom's dad was a funeral director, she grew up in a Funeral home, literally.  They LIVED in a funeral home.  As a matter of fact, her first car was an Edsel Hearse.  Pretty cool, huh:)

5 - My Nana was a godly woman who loved her family and ran her race well.  She was ready to go and she gets to spend this Christmas with Christ!
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