Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

I am all about cloth diapers.

I love everything about them!

The way I haven't had to budget in disposable diapers...the way they make Cai's little butt look so doggon' cute...the absence of diaper rash...the ease of cleaning them...

So, when I realized that Micaiah had become very predictable in the poop department I would NEVER try to time it just right and put a disposable diaper from my stash on him right before he poops, just so I don't have to mess with the "mess".

Nope, not me!

Because, like I said, I love everything about them!

Smeared poop, stinky pee smells and all!


Audrey said...

haha. We are putting Leighra in disposable at night because she always has a stink in the morning. It's not that bad of a practice. We figured out that she only has to wear cloth for seven months to justify the price and then it won't matter wether she wears disposable here and there.

Kelly Via said...

HA! Nice Tash!!

You would never do such a thing.
I wouldn't even think about trying that sometime...

ritapolk said...

Maybe not you, but if my kid would poop on the regular, I would TOTALLY do that!! Wow, she's had some doozies lately!!