Friday, October 29, 2010

I've Relinquished My Calendar To Cyberspace

Do you remember when "Direct Deposits" came out.  How about when you could automatically make a deposit at the ATM without having to deal with a real person.  Or here's another one, "On-Line Bill Pay" or "Automatic Withdrawal" from your bank account.

Before I had actually tried any one of the above stated technologies I was terrified of them.  Just the option of having someone, whom I didn't know, putting money in, or much worse, taking money out, without me knowing about it, caused my GAD to kick into high gear!

"Would you like direct deposit or a paper check mailed to your door?" was a no brainer to me.  Actually it still is.  Maybe it's just the feeling of actually holding that money in my fingers...before I deposit it and pay all the bills and am left with $.19 in my bank account again *sigh*.  Or maybe it's because I felt like I was out of control if someone else did it all without my micromanagement of it.  I still like to hold that paper check, thank you very much.

You should have seen my fingers shaking as I stuffed my first deposit envelope into the ATM.  Now the bank doesn't even use the envelopes.  You just stick your cash or checks right into the slot...WHAT?!  This is just too much for me to handle.

I've just recently (in the past couple of years) gotten used to on-line bill pay.  Sheesh!

Well, another "technology" has surfaced in this house and I have been reluctant to cave in, but alas, the time has come.

After double-booking myself not once, but twice, in two weeks I realized that it was time.  I was once again reminded that I am not invincible or as put together as I'd like to believe that I am.

So, I have finally done it.  I have succumbed to the "Google Calendar".  My little pocket calendar just wasn't cutting it.  And I finally realized that it just appeared that we had no gigs this fall because Josh had quit using his paper calendar and moved to this "Google Calendar" thing.  We are totally legit now, as we have moved on to a "synced on-line calendar".  That just sounds complicated!

No longer will I double-book myself again, as I have given up control of my life's events to the cyberspace gods.

Are you holding out in order to keep control of you life by using a real calendar or have you given up all rights to these cyberspace gods as I have?
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