Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday - Boxes, Dots, Vulnerability, Gifts and Christian Celebrity

Many of you have asked how in the world I got so smart and gained so much wisdom.  Well, not actually, but if you did, I'd say from lots of prayer, mistakes and learning from other people.  Here are just a few things I've learned just this week.  Check them out!

1 - Save your cereal boxes.  Not only for a great cause, but to save lives.  Check it out HERE!

2 - We are constantly mixing up Zeke and Cai's clothes after we do laundry and then we wonder why Zeke can't get his pants zipped and why Cai's shirt sleeves have to be rolled up 3 times.  Here is a GREAT IDEA on how to avoid this catastrophe.  Who would have thought?!

3 -  Here is a great post about making yourself vulnerable for your children.  It's beautiful!

4 - Shop for Christmas, help an orphan.  Check out THIS organization and make your gifts count.

5 -  Josh and I love Relevant Magazine.  They wrote a great article called "The Irony Of Christian Celebrity".  It would be totally worth your time to go read it!

Happy reading and Happy Friday!

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Karen said...

I've seen that kind of Jewelry before: in AFRICA. When I was in Kenya on a mission trip we saw the prisoners making these. I brought back several sets of necklaces and earrings as gifts. They are beautiful and a wonderful way for these people to make a living. I guess I should have realized that the concept could be in other parts of the world as well. Great Ideas in you post today!