Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 1/2 Bearded Men

And this has been the bearded crew that I've had the privilege of hanging out with this week.  We have yet to walk into a building or gas station without comments such as "Wow, look at all the hair!" and "You guys look weird" ha!

Josh and I are doing a YouthAlive Conference this week in Chatham, VA.  His dad is speaking and we are leading the music part of the worship, 'cause that's just what we do:).  Several young people have come forward to receive Christ and more than a dozen others have made other types of decisions for Christ.  It's been a GREAT week!

We've had an incredible band!  A band like this is a worship leader's dream, Josh says, allowing him to worship without worrying about what is going on behind him.  Not only are they incredible musicians, they're pretty stinkin' hilarious.  They can entertain themselves for hours!

Pictured above:
Weston Keith - Bass/ Scott Spruill - Keys and vocals/ Joshie-poo - Guitar and vocals/ Patrick Downing - Electric and vocals/ Travis Motley - Drums and making the sound amazing!

Today is our last day for this conference.  We'll pack up and head further north for a weekend event in Richmond, VA.

PS - In case you didn't hear...our application got approved for our adoption!
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