Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Made It!

We made it!

After a 1.5 hour flight, a 7.5 hour flight, another 7.5 hour flight and a 3-hour drive...we made it.

I got to bed at 2am and slept until about lunchtime yesterday before we headed out to our first village.  Josh sat in with the men in the first village.  I got to share with the ladies.  They are so beautiful!  And the babies...oh my goodness!  I can't begin to explain the way your heart aches and loves for these people that you do not even know!

The rest of the team did some school ministry and worked with the village kids.  GREAT DAY!

After the men and women got back together Josh and I grabbed our interpreter and headed down the path to the huts to go love on the people and share the saving news of Christ.  It was a little bizarre bit distracting having the circumcision party parading around with their statues and machetes and drums while we were sharing the gospel, but we were reminded that it is not us who saves, but the Holy Spirit.  The two women we shared with prayed to receive Christ!  Ameena!

This village is right on the shore of  Lake Victoria and our interpreter was from that village so he took us down to see his boats and the HUGE fish they catch.

I was broken, again, seeing how little these people have and how happy they are with nothing!  A little hut or boarded shack that they call "home".  The little naked babies crawling around the clay path in crap while they look for crumbs to eat is heartbreaking.

We are about to head out to this village to work with the same church in just a minute so I need to go.

Pray for receptive hearts today as we pour into these people.  Pray for team unity.  Pray for boldness for me and the rest of the team!
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