Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lessons From The Classroom - 5 Senses

This past week we dove into our 5 senses.  We had so much fun and the kids were SO excited to do the experiments and activities.  Here's what we did.

Touch:  I hid five objects for each of them under a sheet.  They took turns being blindfolded and "feeling" the objects while tying to guess what they were.  Don't know you like Zeke's blindfold;)

 After our little guessing game this led really nicely into our "Glitter Germ" activity.  We talked about how germs are spread and how we can't see them but they are extremely difficult to get off.  They each got to pick a glitter color and pour it on their dry hands.  I then instructed them to rub their hands together and then try to wipe it off.  Then, after trying to get the "germs" off with a dry rag, we tried cold water.  Still, remnants of germs remained so we got the soap out and warmed up the water.  The kids were amazed at how well the germs came off after washing really well with soapy, warm water.  And get this, Zeke came to me after using the bathroom and was SO excited that he washed his germy hands off without being told!  He really was listening:)

 I know you're a little distracted by Zeke's chest muscles,
but try to focus here...

Listen:  When I taught preschool I had this song that was the perfect rainy day, get some energy out type of song and it works perfectly with this unit.  You have to "listen" to the instructions to know how to dance...or "freeze".  It was a hit!  Micaiah would actually yell at me until I'd turn it on again:)  You can click the link and download it for yourself: Wiggy Wiggles Freeze Dance

Sight:  We made birthday cards for Cousin Cana.  I know that's stretching it, but we needed to do it and we were running out of days.  Plus, you can "see" them, right?  Right?

Smell:  I got a sample of different condiments to "smell" and the kids had to guess what they were smelling while blindfolded.

Taste:  Then I picked 8 different things to taste while blindfolded.  I quickly learned that they weren't so crazy about the sesame seeds, salt, pepper or flour.  The granola, chocolate chips, sugar and powdered sugar were a hit!

So, I think it's safe to say that homeschooling is working very well for us so far!  My mom is a certified teacher so she has a TON of fun things planned for school to keep them going while I'm gone:)
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