Friday, October 15, 2010

Resting In His Arms

This is Shabila.  I fell in love with her
as soon as we walked up the steps of the orphanage
and she held her arms up for me to pick her up.

As a matter of fact,
she wouldn't let anyone else hold her or pick her up.
I quickly realized that I really needed to get to work
so I brought her over to Josh
thinking maybe she's find some comfort in his arms.
She went right to him! 
She became more than comfortable with him.
In fact she had a death grip around him
 as she slept safely in his arms.

I'll be giving full reports throughout next week as I am still trying to process everything in my head.  Right now I am drinking lots of coffee to stay awake and spending every minute I can with these three children of mine that have been attached to us like extra limbs since we walked in the door from the airport:)

Have a GREAT weekend, I know I will!
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