Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday...on Saturday

1 - We have had a full weekend of wedding festivities.  Josh's little sister is now a married  woman.  What in the world?!

2 - Every child made it down the aisle during the wedding with very little incident...all 13 of them.

3 - We are all walking around this morning like we got hit by a big mac truck.  I think I did more for this wedding than I did for my own, ha!

4 - Cai started a fever on Wednesday-I'm just hoping it's a 24-hour thing and that he'll be fine for the wedding.  Thursday he was worse and definitely not acting like he felt good-at this point I'm wondering what in the world is wrong with him.  Friday he had a slightly lower fever-but still pretty cranky-realized that it was because of his 1-year vaccines and the new tooth that popped through his gums Friday night (during the wedding).  This morning he woke up super happy and excited after the wedding festivities are complete...of course:)

5 - I just gave my kids rice-krispy wedding cake for breakfast...awesome!

Happy weekend ya'll!
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