Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - We're headed down to Charlotte this weekend to play at Ridge Church.  I can't WAIT to see some sweet friends that we haven't seen in almost a year!

2 - I was planning on doing school 3 days a week.

Here comes that word again...flexibility:)  This time it comes in a different context.

My kids begin begging for school as soon as their last bite of breakfast has been consumed.  And this happens every day, of course...therefore, school has occurred every day!  I can't refuse them a learning experience, now can I?!

So, we'll plan for three days a week and if more happens in one week then that is awesome!  I am SO glad they are enjoying it, because I sure am too!  (I never thought I'd say that!)

3 - Here are a couple of pictures of our projects we've worked on this week.
Zeke decided to make a "mean turtle" with his apple print.
Areyna, the perfectionist, decided to "stamp" her apples.
Thursday we went on a nature walk outside
and glued sticks, leaves, blossoms and berries, to show how apple trees look in different seasons.
They LOVED doing this!

4 - Devotion update - I am finishing the final edits to my manuscript and completing all the final paperwork before I submit EVERYTHING!  Writing the book was easy compared to this tedious task of perfecting...everything.  I'm totally ready to just submit it and be done with it, as is, (which is what I did with all my papers growing up.  Proofreading?  What's that?!), but Josh has to keep reminding me that it's not just some English essay for my College Professor who doesn't even read through my paper.

5 - The next couple of weeks are about to get crazy up in here!  Josh's little sister is getting married next Friday and then two days later begin's the Via Family Vacation near the Outer Banks.  Hurricane season is in full swing, so I'm SUPER excited...Woohoo!

Have a GREAT weekend ya'll!
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