Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I Had This Dream...

So, I had this weird dream last night.

Pastor Jimmy asked me to preach for him at Journey this weekend.  I felt so honored, but totally unprepared!

I remember dreaming about the trip to church and realizing that I'd forgotten to prepare the message.  (did I mention I woke up with a nervous stomach because of this stupid dream!)

I remember trying to wake up but being stuck in this nightmare of scrambling to find the message God wanted me to give.  Oh, it was an AWFUL feeling!!!

The memory of my dreams skips around in my mind a little now but I remember that I preached a full 3-point message.  It was pretty scattered the first service, but you'll be glad to know that I did MUCH better the second service.

After the message I asked my mom what she thought and she wouldn't even answer me, so it must not have been that captivating, ha!

Now, this is for all you preachers out there...

I don't remember much about my sermon, but I do remember one of my points.

You may want to get a pencil and paper out for this one because you will probably want to use it next week.  Don't worry I won't tell anyone it was MY vision from the Lord:)

So, here it is...

Keep Your Focus

Yup, that's it!

Anyway, thank you Pastor Jimmy for the opportunity, but I think I'm going to have to pass the torch to someone else...
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