Monday, July 12, 2010

Traveling With Cloth Diapers

We did it. We made it through our first trip without using a single disposable diaper! We were gone 5 days and 4 nights and by the last day I had 3 fresh FuzziBunz that I could use for the trip home and for bed time.

Here's what I took with me:

Yup, I brought my whole stash. Laugh if you must, but I had no clue as to what exactly I needed so I got a HUGE bag and stuffed it full of all my cloth diapering stuff. It basically included all my M, L, and XL FuzziBunz, day and night prefolds, all my FuzziBunz inserts and my single Flips insert, Bummis covers, biodegradable liners, swimming diaper and wet bag.

Here's what I did:
I'd start the day out with a fresh FuzziBunz, but instead of putting the inserts inside the pocket diaper I'd lay it on top and add a biodegradable liner. After a couple of hours I'd check the diaper to see if I needed to switch the insert. My goal was to catch the FuzziBunz before it got too wet to use again.

Things To Be Noted:
  • You better believe I started laundry as soon as I walked in the door!
  • I had to do an extra cycle to get the odor out since the diapers had been sitting all week.
  • My little wet bag held everything from the whole week except for 4 diapers. I didn't think I could cram it so full.
  • My wet bag held the odor IN as well!
  • My nighttime regiment failed me every night. Cai had never leaked out of my nighttime prefold and Bummis cover gettup until camp. He was absolutely soaked in the mornings. I think it must have been the crazy schedule with going to bed late. He was also guzzling water since it was so hot during the day so that is probably part of it. When we got home I stacked a 4-layer FuzziBunz insert in my diaper with a 3-layer insert on top and he was completely dry every morning. So, problem solved!
  • I even used one reusable swim diaper. Yes, he did poop in it but I dumped it right in the toilet and washed it out in the shower right away and it was good to go again.
  • I definitely like using FuzziBunz the way they are intended better than as a cover. They absorb much better and last much longer between changes, but for traveling purposes it worked fine.
We are home all this week and then we're off again. I think we've got a good system down so we're gonna stick with it!
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