Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding God In The Clouds

Areyna has really matured over the past several months. Josh and I have noticed a big change in her attitude, but even more importantly, in her character.

Here are a few examples of what we've been seeing:

After Zeke had been begging for me to cut up a lemon for a meal I promised I would give it to him and Areyna for dinner. Well, when it came time for the much anticipated cutting of the lemon for dinner it was time for Josh and Zeke to leave for band rehearsal. I asked if Areyna still wanted to eat the lemon. She replied, "No, because I don't want Zeke to miss it because he wants some."

When scurrying around, gathering ALL of our stuff around church, this has become quite a task lately, I began calling out, "come on, kiddos, it's time to load up in the car". I couldn't find Rainy anywhere. And so it began..."Rainy, you need to obey right away baby!" I stopped in my tracks as I looked over to find Areyna helping Kayil, her younger cousin, put her shoes on so Kayil could, in turn, obey her mommy.

Areyna has also been very sensitive to listening for God. She is searching to hear from Him. She's been asking LOTS of questions about how God speaks to us and why she can't feel Him or hear Him. We have tried to explain that God doesn't usually speak to us in a voice we can hear with our ears. A lot of times he chooses to speak to us when we pray, through the Bible, and through other people.

One day, hours after deliberately disobeying me, Areyna came up to me and this is the conversation that ensued:

Areyna: "I'm sorry, mommy."
Me: "What baby?"
Areyna: "I'm sorry."
Me: "For what?"
Areyna: "For disobeying you."
Me: "What are you talking about baby?"
Areyna: "When you told me to stay on my pillow and I got up and threw toys in Cai's bed."

This was a perfect segue into how God truly talks to us. God had spoken to her heart and convicted her of her actions. It really seemed to click for her at that moment.

I was cooking dinner. Why is it that Micaiah only seems to want my full attention when I have to get dinner in the oven? Anyway, Areyna picked up on this and came to get Cai. She has learned to lure him into another room by dangling a favorite toy or bubby where he can see it:) He eventually followed her into the living room where she kept him entertained until I was free to join in the fun.

Zeke was on the verge of a freak-out moment, but quickly collected himself and calmed down. He is finally learning to cope with his sudden bursts of emotions (I could learn a thing or two from him, ha!). Areyna saw his self-control, which she knows we have been working really hard on, and said, "Good job buddy, you had self-control! Way to not freak out!!!." Then she looks at me and grins, "I wanted to encourage Zeke."

On our walk to the park one evening, while the sun was making it's decent behind the clouds, Areyna looked at the light streaming through the clouds and shouted, "Look mommy, there's God!"

I pray that I will be as sensitive when God shows Himself to me as this child of mine. That I would be as sensitive to His presence, even in the simplest of things.
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