Thursday, July 15, 2010

O, Box, Pizza, Square


According to Zeke, that is.

I am beginning to realize that Zeke is going to be a tough one to teach. He just thinks on a totally different level than me. He thinks creatively and abstractly and I am struggling to find ways to teach him. Music is just going to be his thing, and I know that, but it's hard to pay the bills if you don't know your numbers ya know?

He wants to do school, but he wants to be at Areyna's level. Areyna knew her letters by the time she was three, so the fact that she is reading 4-letter words right now comes as no surprise. Zeke gets upset that he can't do school from her book and gets frustrated. We've tried to make a game out of it but I'm still trying to find his niche.

He knows his colors, but numbers, letters and shapes are a no-go.

If I ask him what shape a circle is he will make the shape with his hands and say "O", but can't remember that it's called a circle.

If I ask him what shape a square is he will make the shape with his hands and call it a box.

I can't seem to connect the two for him.

So, this morning I made up a game called "The Shape Hop".

I tell him to stand on a certain shape.

He has to find the beginning shape and then he jumps through the maze of shapes to find that same shape until he can make it back to the original one.

He really enjoyed it and Areyna joined in the fun too. I think repetition will work for him so maybe after a few weeks of this he'll have at least 4 shapes down:)
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