Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Words Of Wisdom - The TWO MEN In My Life

Me: "Zeke, you look so handsome!!!! I LOVE it when you wear real clothes. What made you go change and put real clothes on?"

Zeke: patting his chest - "My heart:)"

When Josh was leaving for his camp this week he told Zeke that he was the man of the house this week. We had one major "freak-out" that first day. I had a long talk to him about how he needed to be the man of the house. Not just a "big boy" for me. But a man. I told him how I can't run this house by myself when daddy is gone and that I needed him to be the man for me while daddy was gone.

That was all it took. He has been SO good this week.

I do realize that as soon as I write a blog about something my kid's have accomplished, they tend to turn around and do the opposite, but how can I not brag on my little man mowing the grass in REAL clothes and "fixing" things around the house and exercising and practicing his music and...sound familiar?!
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