Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Is this REALLY necessary??? I mean, how many kids do I have?
2 - Our garden has been SO fun to watch! This is our only strawberry that actually made it this season. We decided to cut it in quarters so we could each have a bite. I transplanted the strawberry plants to a better location so hopefully it will do better next year.

3 - Our first batch of tomatoes were yummy and our beans are growing like crazy. We had a bowl full for dinner a few nights ago and then Zeke pretty much cleaned the rest out of the garden while he was playing. I have to keep reminding him that we are saving them for meals and that he can't just go grab a handful at a time;) At least it's a healthy snack.
4 - Guess where we are? Our summer has officially begun! We are at our first of six camps that we're leading in June and July. We did this camp last summer for our friend's church and are so excited to be doing it again. We brought the kids this year and they are SO excited to be playing in the ocean!5 - This is a first. I made my kids fold their own laundry on Thursday while we were getting ready to pack up for camp. They weren't too enthused that I made them stop building their fort to help me out, ha! I had to bite my tongue while Zeke carried on his dad's tradition of folding his clothes inside out.
Happy Friday!
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