Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Than Enough

Last weekend we headed to the strawberry patch with some friends to pick some strawberries (thanks for the pictures Jenn!) We picked MORE THAN ENOUGH to freeze for smoothies, snack on, smear on our white living room carpet- ahem, moving on, and make plenty of batches of Strawberry Butter. (I'll post that recipe soon, don't worry.)

I had to post our full-length picture. Do you SEE what my child is wearing?! "They" keep saying, "choose your battles"...but, oh, it's SO hard sometimes! At least we got Zeke out of his Spiderman costume for a few hours, even though they ARE his jammies! Don't worry, he still managed to keep up his superhero duties by wrangling Ezra back into the strawberry patch by force:)
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