Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lilly The Frog

We are going on three days with Lilly the frog.

He's been swimming with the kids each day...
Zeke even helped him go down the slide a few times.

They've made a bed for him and everything.

When I was younger I had pet frogs too so I totally understand their infatuation with this cute little guy. My mom wouldn't let mine in our house though, so I made toilet paper diapers for mine that I taped around their wastes. Didn't do much for their jumping accuracy but the froggy diapers did wonders for the sanitary conditions of our carpet;)

***UPDATE - Lilly has now been released back into the wild to make room for our poisonous caterpillar...wait, he just died from overheating under the bug magnifying glass. He was quickly replaced by 4 ladybugs, 1 black ant, 1 rolypoly (oh wait, he died in his sleep last night), and some other black little critter with white spots that you can hardly see. We will soon have a reputation around the neighborhood and maybe the bugs will stay out of our yard. Better yet, OUT OF MY GARDEN!***
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