Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Two "good days", Praise The Lord- Two good days in a row with Micaiah, that is! He's been battling ear infections for almost a month. He is winding down his second round of antibiotics. We were doing pretty good on the "every other day I will not whine, fuss or cry/scream just to give you a break for your sanity" but quickly went to "I don't think you need a break anymore so every day I think I'll constantly need you to hold me or I'll scream" days. It has been a very draining couple of weeks. Josh and I have decided that antibiotics make our kids absolutely CRAZY. We aren't anti-medicine around here by any means, but we DO try to encourage somewhat "normal" acting children=) All this to say, we are in search for garlic ear drops to start giving him but in the mean time are finishing up his meds in hopes for 3 good days in a row!

2 - Josh and I have been really working hard to lower our energy bill. We just got our bill in the mail and we lowered it by $100 from last month! What?! Now that's cause for celebration.

3 - We have a dear friend from Charlotte coming to visit this weekend! We are SO excited to have Peri come to see us=)

4 - I have been searching out Publisher's for my book and have been talking to one who seems very promising.

5 - Areyna is reading books now. I just had to say it again because I can't believe it=) We got the Bob books out and she is flying through them.
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