Friday, April 9, 2010

The Pollen Bowl

The pollen count has literally been off the charts the past couple of weeks here. (Believe me, I know...I "follow" WRAL Weather on twitter. Don't make fun!) Our allergies have confirmed this report!

Well, you KNOW I'm a window girl, but this window girl has been forced to close up shop in order to maintain quality air control for my family. The thing is, you'd hardly be able to tell. Somehow, the pollen continues to make its way into our home, leaving yellow/green traces all over the furniture and pollen footprints on the floors. I can't tell you how many times I've vacuumed and dusted this week. Every time the we open the door to go outside the lurking pollen sneaks in.

Zeke has appropriately deemed the pollen as "ewwww, poison!" I tend to agree with him the way it's wreaked havoc on our immune systems but alas, we had a breakthrough last night. Praise The Lord for rain! The color scheme on my front porch is no longer yellow.
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