Thursday, April 8, 2010

Listen For Yourself

Okay, so I'm about a chapter and a half into Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. LOVE IT!

Today I read an interesting point. Let me just quote Foster for a second...

"Human beings seem to have a perpetual tendency
to have somebody else talk to God for them.
We are content to have the message secondhand.
... It is very convenient this way because it gives us
the advantage of religious respectability
without demanding moral transformation."

Wow! This is exactly why God was so saddened by the fact that the Israelites wanted an earthly King.

It made me think about all the times I have relied on what others write or say about God's work in their lives. Sometimes I'll read or hear a good word and think that's enough insight for my day instead of getting alone with my God and gleaming from The Holy Spirit personally.

I'm not saying God can't use others to speak to us or that we can't learn from others. If I were, I certainly wouldn't ever write about what God is doing in my heart. It's just, when we replace the lessons that God has to teach us personally with those lessons that are for someone else's benefit that we sell ourselves short of the lessons we are to learn in our own walk.

Just a thought...
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