Monday, March 8, 2010

7 Months

19.8 lb.

This has been an active month for little Micaiah

Learned to click his tongue

Started babbling - mamamababadada - just this week he's really been beginning to vocalize himself...loudly=)

Starting to get up on hands and knees

Got his first tooth in and working on his 2nd

Took his first airplane ride

Starting to lean and reach out for people to pick him up...I LOVE this one!

The thumb has become quite a companion for Micaiah this past month. After every bite of food he sticks that thumb back in. It must help him savor every bite, but it sure makes it hard to feed him!

Already loves wrestling and being tickled by daddy

Enjoys making others happy and smile! It is amazing how a little baby can soften any circumstance. He was such a blessing to everyone on our trip to CO from the people on the airplane to my grieving Aunt Retta. What a sweet blessing he is.
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