Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's A Rainy Day

Today we are celebrating Areyna's life. She turns 5 years old on Sunday and I'll be in Colorado for my Uncle's funeral, but wanted to share this special day with her. So, today is HER day!
On the agenda:
Breakfast - as many bowls of cereal she wants. This is her FAVORITE meal!
A nice LONG bath - it's been a while. Besides she has a hot date with her daddy.
The Preparation - She loves getting all dolled up for her daddy. So, today it's a beautiful dress, a little eye makeup (her request and Josh's approval=), mommy's smell good perfume, fingernail polish, and a hair-do by mommy.
The date - I'll post about this won't want to miss it!
I'll think we'll let her skip her nap too;)
Dinner - she chose mac-n-cheese and spaghetti. At least I know she'll eat dinner tonight=)
Presents and Ice Cream

Here are a few facts about her day 5 years ago...enjoy!

Pregnancy Facts:
  • We weren't technically trying to get pregnant...just not being too careful because we knew we wanted to start trying within the next few months=)
  • Found out we were pregnant just days after getting my shots for our mission trip to Uganda. Gave us a scare since I'd already started my Malaria pills. I just happened to be taking the one kind that is alright to take when pregnant.
  • Wanted to keep it a secret...didn't work so well! We were WAY TOO EXCITED!
  • I started getting "sick" while we were in Uganda. Morning sickness and missions trips don't really go very well together=)
  • I gained about 25 pounds.
  • I exercised throughout the whole pregnancy.
  • You were sucking your thumb when we found out you were a girl. It's a tough habit to break=)
  • You were very active!
  • I craved strawberry butter, meat, ranch or caramel dip and Arby's.
  • They kept moving your due date around...20th, 21st, 24th
  • I was SOOO ready for you to be here!
  • I was a preschool music teacher until you were born and all my kids kept asking why I was so fat, HA! Then when they figured out what was going on they kept asking me what your name was going to be=)
  • We kept your name a secret until you were born!
  • Our friends Ross and Shannon were the first ones to know we were pregnant with you.

Labor Facts:
  • You were five days late...although at the time it felt like 5 WEEKS late!
  • I started counting contractions at 10pm.
  • We watched Napoleon Dynamite to take up time. My mom didn't like how Napoleon was treated...heehee.
  • You were way too comfortable in my belly and didn't want to come out. They had to use forceps and suction and were prepping for a C-section by the time you decided to make your entrance into the world.
  • You arrived at 1:20pm the next day.
  • You scared us with your jaundice. Your levels were so high they couldn't read it on the chart and you had to be put on a billy blanket in the hospital. Your count didn't go down enough and they were going to keep you longer in the hospital but they allowed us to take you home with 2 lights knowing that insurance wouldn't cover another night.
  • We placed your bouncy seat in the sun and followed it's rays across the window throughout the day and rejoiced every time you had a poopie=)
  • Nursing was a 2-3 man job while trying to keep you on those crazy lights. You were our little glow worm for the first week of your life.
  • You were 7lb 2oz. and the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen.

Character Facts:
  • You are definitely the first child=) You love to tell people what to do.
  • You also love to teach Zeke everything you know. You are such a GREAT big sister.
  • You are awesome at helping with Micaiah: feeding him bottles and his food, changing his diapers all by yourself, checking on him to see if he's crying, making him laugh when he's sad...
  • You love learning and ask LOTS of questions.
  • You pray sweet prayers to Jesus.
  • I can see God at work in your heart. He is softening your spirit.
  • You're pretty sneaky, but don't worry, you'll soon realize that mom's have eyes everywhere!
  • You have a GREAT memory. I know that if I need daddy to remember something, I just need to tell you, HA!
  • You are a great cook. Thanks for helping me in the kitchen.
  • You have a wonderful imagination. You can stay pretty busy in your own little world.
  • You are my Little Miss Independent. You've always liked to do things on your own.
  • You are as girly as they come=)
We love you Areyna Joy. Happy Birthday!
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