Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daddy Date - You Hold The Key To My Heart

Josh and I took advantage of our 8 hour trip to GA this past weekend to read together. The book of choice for this particular trip was "Raising A Modern-Day Princess" by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna.

Josh has always been good at taking our kids out on Daddy Dates and this book just motivated him even more to keep it up. Josh was already planning on taking Areyna out on a special date for her birthday and this book gave us a GREAT idea that we decided to make our own.

Josh will be posting about their date in full detail but I'll kind of outline the gist of their day together=)

Here they are helping each other get ready.

All Ready To Go!

First stop: IHop for pancakes - Rainy's choice
Next stop: Violin Shop - they took my first violin to get fixed up for Areyna for her birthday!
Final Stop: The $1 movie to go see Princess And The Frog

The best part of the date occurred at lunch when Josh presented Areyna with a heart and key charm. He explained to her that God had given her to him as his daughter and that God has called him to protect her and to take care of her. He explained that this charm isn't a toy but one day she will eventually be able to give it to her husband. But until that day her daddy will hold her heart and protect it.

I can only imagine the look on her face as she held her heart while her daddy explained how special it was=)

That is our prayer for her...that she would learn to see the importance of guarding her own heart as she waits patiently for her prince that God has created for her.
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