Sunday, February 14, 2010

#1 "Of COURSE That Would Happen To Us" Moment Of The Weekend

Josh and I headed to VA on Friday evening so we could go to his Great Uncle Mayo's funeral on Saturday afternoon.

Knowing how Zeke is we prepared him very thoroughly for the events that would take place and explained that this was going to be a "Quiet Celebration" of Uncle Mayo's life and that even though Daddy was going to get up and sing a song with his guitar, Zeke was going to stay with me in the seat...and NOT sing.

We also talked about how we "will not freak out" and we "will not throw a fit" and we "will not scream out" and we "will obey all the way, right away with a happy heart."

So, when Josh walked out the side entrance to take Areyna potty (because Cai was sleeping in my arms) Zeke began to freak out (quietly at first) saying that he wanted to go with him because he had to go potty too. Knowing that if I refuse his request a freak-0ut was soon to occur, I gave in and let him go find his daddy.

Not 30 seconds later Zeke comes running down the center aisle screaming for his daddy (because he couldn't find him) in the middle of the funeral, in a VERY acoustic auditorium.

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