Thursday, December 31, 2009

Would You Rather...

Ride or Drive?

Josh and I made the treck from NC to my sister's in MD yesterday to have Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's with my side of the family and it got me thinking...

I used to be a driver without a doubt. I LOVED to take road trips with my best friend in college, Suzy. We'd have a blast. The only time I'd relinquish the steering wheel was if I was too tired to drive.

Anyway, when Josh and I got married he kind of took over that role. I must admit my frustration at first, wondering why HE always got to drive, but I never really spoke up about it and have adapted quite easily to be quite a good sleeper...I mean, rider/navigation guide=)

It just seems natural to see the husband driving his family around town in their car now.

I do know of some couples whose main driver is the wife/girl and it seems weird to me, but that's just how they role.

So, would you rather ride or drive?
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