Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'll Never...

Before I was a mom I had so many ideas of what kind of parent I would be.  There were certain things I had in my mind that I just simply would or would not ever do.  I really had no concept of what being a parent looked like and obviously no experience in this area.  I must say I've learned a lot these last 4 1/2 years.

I always said:

We'd never watch TV all day.
(Some days just call for LOTS of TV)

My children would NOT be thumb suckers.
(I quickly realized that I had no control over this issue=)

I would NEVER be the mom who would have their kids run around with a nasty, sagging diaper.
(Um, have you SEEN how expensive diapers are?  I'm getting every penny out of those suckers!)

My children would NOT be whiners.
(Yeah, still working on this one, HA!)

Happy meals and mac-n-cheese?  Not in this house.  I was going to cook GREAT, healthy dinners EVERY night!
(Life on the road has quickly changed my thinking on this one)

I'd never yell at my kids.  I would always be a shining example of patience in front of them.
(No comment here!)

My thinking has changed a lot over these past few years as I've realized the reality of parenting=)

What did you used to say you would NEVER do as a parent?


Ashley said...

Everything you just said and more. Thanks so much for posting this. It helps on the days when I question my every parenting move to know that I'm not alone. And that kids are extremely resilient. AND that they won't remember much about their early years! :)

Shannon Bradley said...

Everything you just said, plus many more ;)
"I would never put my kids in the bed, DIRTY"
"I would never pretend not to see or hear something they shouldn't be doing"...(because that would be lazy and they would be getting away with disobedience)
"I would never make a threat that I wouldn't be able to uphold" "you will not get to trick-or-treat"....oh that one I should not have shared! ahhah I will stop here ;)

Rhonda said...

I said that I would never have a child that would hit, kick, etc. other kids. Um, well, that changed when Jubal turned 3. Oops.
I have learned to NEVER say "I'll never..." again. ;)

K said...

Have kids with dried up stuff under their noses and around their mouths. I don't even know where the stuff comes from sometimes. We get in the car with clean faces; we get to school with not so clean faces.

Holly said...

I probably would say the yelling one as well... It is amazing how frustrated you can get and it is over the smallest thing. It is normally cause I'm trying to make sure we are on time and they are taking forever! BTW we do all of the above as well.. and I could really care less!!!

mom said...

I would never do anything my children would say they would never do.

Stephen said...

I think a lot of my "I will nevers" will be in the future. (my child is only a year old.) For instance I told my mom one day.." I will never make my kids ride the school bus" (because I didn't like riding it). And she said, "If you have more than one child and they are in different schools, and you have to wait in 30 minute car pool lines you might change your mind."

I was like "Oh yeah! I haven't really thought about that."

Stephen said...

I am also afraid I may soon be humbled by my thought of "I will never tolerate my child to throw themselves down on the floor and throw a fit."

Kristie said...

"I will NEVER have a child who misbehaves, or worse, tantrums in public."