Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere

Just SOME of our awesome friends who helped us move.
We could never tell you thank you enough.
We miss you ALL!

Currently my family and I are nomads in the land of Raleigh.  We pulled our moving truck into the Raleigh area on Sunday night after leading on Sunday morning at Ridge Church.  We still have one of our vehicles in the Charlotte area at a friend's house and the closing on our house is tomorrow (please pray that everything goes through smoothly!) but other than that our lives are in full swing here in Raleigh.

We dropped the majority of our stuff off at a storage unit until we find a house.  The rest of our stuff is here with us at our temporary home.  Have I mentioned how awesome our friends are for allowing us to take over their basement as a temporary residence!

The very next day after moving here we started the final rehearsals for "God Be Praised", the live recording and worship night for our new home church.  We had plans for Josh's mom to come get the kids so they wouldn't have to be around the craziness of rehearsals and recordings but yet another Via baby was born...early.  Apparently I am the only one in the Via family that ever has to go to or OVER their due date. (I'm not bitter though;)  Josh's youngest brother and his wife gave birth 3 1/2 weeks early to little Izabella and she is beautiful.  Needless to say we have had an even crazier week than anticipated.  The kids have been in 3 different places so far since we've been here and off to go see their Grammy and Papa tomorrow until the recording is over and then we get to just chill.  

Tonight after our family devotion Josh and I were laying out the newest plan for them and Zeke looked at us and said, "We sure go to lots of places." *sigh*

I'm so excited for next week.  No boxes, no unpacking, no rehearsals, no worrying about the Charlotte house and all the details of closing, nothing!  Just hanging out here in the country with my best friend and her family.  

We do think we've found our house and are so excited to see if we get it!  We might actually be in our new home by mid-November.

So, we are still here, there and everywhere, but an end is in sight=)
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