Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday - Boxes

When you are living out of boxes you will inevitably run into things that you KNOW you have but cannot get to or just don't remember where you put them.  I hate not being able to find something.  It's all I can think about until the lost item is found (or in this case bought because half of our stuff isn't even here, HA!)  

Here are a few objects that have gone MIA at some point during this transition...

1 - Breast milk storage bags.  I only have one left which means that the new box of 100 bags cannot be opened and I'll have to go get another box at FULL PRICE! *gasp*

2 - My white out.  I set up a make-shift office in attempts to keep the ministry going and I simply CANNOT find my white out!  I need my white out...

3 - My kids...oh wait, I at least know where they are even if they aren't here with us=)

4 - The box of diapers and wipes.  We were down to about a quarter of a tub of wipes and a handful of diapers.  Glad we found this one quickly!

5 - My phone charger.  Between closing on the old house yesterday and the new house we found the same day my phone is in desperate need of a charge.

YES, we found a house!  We'll be moving in mid-November.  God is so good!  We sold a house and found a new one all in the same day.  Thank you for your fervent prayers.  We will have plenty of room for all our friends that one to come visit;)
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