Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Too Much Stuff

Josh and I have been endlessly cleaning out our house.  You know, those dark places that lurk in the corners of closets, that sit under the bed and that lie, forgotten, up in the attic.  We've been de-personalizing our house which, I have found, to be one of the hardest things to do in a home I've spent hours making into a personalized haven for my family.  But, I digress...we have taken countless items and numerous trash bags FULL of "stuff" to the goodwill and still have TONS OF STUFF!  All in the name of selling our house.

Several questions have come to mind that have helped in the tossing stage during this moving process.

1- Why in the world did I ever buy this?

2- Why do I still have this?

3- How many times do I really wear this?

4- If this is sitting in our attic, unused, then why do we still have it?

5- Do I REALLY need this?

6- Wait, don't I already have one of those?

Now don't get me wrong.  I am not a pack-rat by any means.  I am constantly purging our house of unused and unneeded items, to a point where it is almost comical to Josh, but there are always those things that I continue to hang on to.

It has been such a good feeling to get rid of even more things.  It feels even better when we can give our stuff to other people who can use it!  It's made me want to travel light and to have a loose hold on my stuff, which is only "stuff" anyway, so that I will always be willing to go where He sends us and do as He sees fit.  I find that the more stuff that I have, the harder it is to let go of it.

What do you have that you cannot let go of?  What questions do you ask yourself when looking to get rid of stuff?
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