Friday, September 25, 2009

Are You Really Going Out Looking Like That?

The other day I had to run out to the store.  I had a quick window of opportunity to go without the kids so I just did what any other mom would do.  No, I didn't take a shower, put on make-up or even brush my hair.  I exchanged my work-out shorts for a pair of jeans.  They looked fine with the tank top that I had just worked out in, right?!  And I didn't smell TOO bad.  I just prayed that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew;)

I'd show you a picture of my chosen attire but I then I would feel a little too vulnerable!

It's confession time ladies.  How many of you have been known to run out in public looking like you just woke up or just hopped off the treadmill?
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