Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1 Month

Micaiah Joel - 1 Month
10lb. 3oz.

I cannot believe Micaiah turned 1 month old on Sunday!  He has gotten SO big.  I had to take him to the doctor last week for an eye infection and he weighed in at 1o pounds and 3 ounces!!! Micaiah was the smallest baby I delivered but he has outweighed Rainy and Zeke at the 1 month mark!  Needless to say the doctors didn't ask if he'd been getting enough to eat:)

Micaiah at 1 month:

1- LOVES to be held

2- LOVES to eat

3- LOVES to hear daddy practice

4- We are beginning to see glimpses of personality like smiles and baby "coos"

5- Has mild colic.  I wouldn't say it's that bad because he went 2 full days without a screaming episode but he still has those tendencies.  Nothing soothes this baby like a good cuddle.

6- Would still rather sleep his LONG stretches during the day than at night (most of the time)=(

7- Not too fond of the swing but he has spent a few wake times in it this week while I have packed some boxes.

8- Still has his umbilical cord attached.  I'm so ready to give my baby a bath!

9- Travels well.  That was the only request we asked of God (j/k);)

10- Because of this new sweet addition to the family my new middle name is "LATE".  I cannot seem to get anywhere on time!  I can no longer even appear to have it all together, HA!
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