Monday, August 17, 2009

Toy Review

Picking toys is not easy when it comes to thinking about safety.  There is a toy website called ebeanstalk who has great baby toys and toys for 1 year olds etc. They are dedicated to selecting good, safe learning toys. They allowed me to test a toy with Areyna and Zeke and write a review about it.  

The toy they sent is called "Activity Bus" from Plan Toys, who makes eco-friendly wooden toys.  As soon as the toy arrived I KNEW Areyna would like it. It is a wooden bus that opens up and becomes a classroom.  There are 3 removable desks and a chalkboard along with a teacher and 1 student.  It really is pretty cute.  Areyna played school with it for 2 days straight=)  Zeke liked it too, although he just wanted to carry the little people around or race the bus on the floor, HA!  

Overall, it is a Great, eco-friendly toy and very age appropriate for my kids.  I thought it was cool that it is made out of recycled wood and that the paint is all natural.  I was a little afraid that it would leave marks on our wood floors but it didn't.  

The only thing that I didn't like about it was that the people's legs didn't stay bent under the desk.  Areyna would get a little frustrated when the student would topple out of his seat because his legs just wouldn't stay bent.

Other than than, I definitely recommend this toy.

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