Thursday, August 6, 2009

In Honor Of Happy Day

Glorious Thursday: Happy Day

This is for all of you who I KNOW are stalking my blog this week, waiting to see when this baby will make it into the world, but who could care less about anything else I've got to say this week;)

I'd like you to participate today...

Today is happy day and we could all use a laugh so I'd love for you to tell me something that has made you laugh or that is simply too funny or cute or silly not to share.

Example:  Last night I just read this post about something my best friend's little girl said to her.  Too cute!

Who knows, maybe this could bring on a few contractions that could result in an even happier day!

*BTW - My green pool is STILL sitting in my backyard...UNCLEANED!  I had 1 task; 1 task on my to-do list yesterday!  What in the world have I been doing?  Sheesh=)  
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