Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday - Current Addictions

1- The new MuteMath album: Armistice

2- The TV series, Burn Notice.  Josh and I have been watching it on Hulu.  Besides some language and the fact that the female sidekick dresses terribly it is absolutely hilarious!

3- Naptime!  The time between 2:30(ish)pm-4:30pm I am absolutely kidLESS.  After Micaiah eats at 2 I put ALL 3 KIDS DOWN FOR A NAP!  I either get caught up on my own sleep at that time;) or get some office work done.

4- Pita Chips - All natural chips made from pita bread.  Delicious!

5- My husband!  I'll tell you why next week but I'll leave you with a hint...he is very brave and sensitive...
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