Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Work It Out"

Rainy and Zeke having a party with the Burgess Family
There is a seat and a basket of "fun stuff" for each of them=)

We have a phrase that we say around this house when bickering starts...

"Work It Out"

This means that mommy and daddy are not going to step in and "fix" the problem.  It means that our kids have to step up and work things out together until they can come to an agreement using words.

I haven't been feeling all that well the last few days and the kids have been really sweet.  You know, sometimes kids will pick up on you not feeling well and just go crazy, but this week they have taken their own initiative to "work it out" without me even having to tell them to!  It's been so awesome.  Especially with Josh being gone in the studio all week.

The kids have been playing "house" ALL WEEK long.  This morning they "went to work" and took care of their babies.  They are the mom and dad of course=)  Then they began raiding my cabinets and getting utensils together to 'make pancakes for dinner".  Areyna is getting the menu ready for the rest of the day as well=)  Right now they are getting ready for a "party" at their psudo-grandparents house, the Burgess', in the guest room.  They've even made cards for their Papa and Grammy.  I absolutely LOVE when they play so well together.  It's been so nice to hear the sweet sounds of them "working it out" together on their own!


Holly Furtick said...

Our kids love the Beatles 1 cd. When they fight, sometimes we sing We Can Work It Out :)

K said...

It is sooo nice to have them play well together. It doesn't always happen around our house, but when it does, whew!

mel said...

That's a wonderful idea! Hope you're feeling better soon. August 5th will be here before you know it!!

Kelly Via said... nice.

Tasha, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling so good. Just a few more weeks!!