Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The topic of vaccines has come up several times over the last week or so with some of my friends and I'd LOVE to see what all of you have to say and where you get your information.

As far as I can tell there are 2 choices:

You can allow your children to get their vaccines and there is the chance that there could be some very serious side effects (like autism), although there is actually no solid proof that anything is linked to vaccines.  One point being that there is autism in countries where vaccines aren't even available.


You can choose to forgo vaccines and there is the still a possibility of something just as awful happening and your child could get the disease that the vaccine is supposed to prevent as well as your child being a carrier and passing the disease on to other children.

There are possible consequences for both choices.

So, what are you supposed to do as a mother searching for solid answers?  Where can you go to get real un-jaded information?  What have you decided is best for your children and why?


Stephen and Tara said...

Whew Girl you are brave to write a blog post about this! Anytime I have ever seen anyone blog about this there were storms of comments from mothers on each side of the argument. I will email you some information that was helpful to me. (I am not as brave as you to write stuff on here:) haha!

wendinc said...

Hey Tasha, I've had the very same thoughts, fears, questions over the past three years since my first was born. Two awesome pedatricians go to our church and I've had conversations with both on patient/doc side and friend to friend side and all of thier own kids have had vaccines. Dr. Milroy gave us extensive research data on the concerns of autism and the ingredients in the meds. The ingredient of concern (mercury) is no longer used in any vaccines. But still, like you said there is no absolute on what causes autism so still I had fears as well. One thing that you are totally allowed to do and a lot of people do is to have your pediatrician space out the vaccines. Instead of three or six in one visit, do two at a time and further apart. I do think too that the danger of the diseases they could get without the vaccines is too much to deny them the prevention.
I am obviously no expert, I'm just telling you my experience. And by the way, both of our doc's are wonderful men of God and I don't just trust them because of their medical degree, I know that God has ordered the steps of their lives to be kid doctors and I truly trust my kids well being by what they say!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sears' "Vaccine Book" is supposed to be a really good resource. I have it, but I haven't started reading it yet! (Guess I should, if I intend to, huh?)

We plan to vaccinate. On a regular schedule.

Abbey said...

We are very much in the select and delay vaccines camp.

We are fortunate to have a doctor that recommended us delaying for 3 years, in combination with breastfeeding for 2.5 years, eating super healthy, and a few supplements.

We started her vaccines after that and have no problems thus far.

Our doctor (who is real doctor from a good medical school) thinks (with research) that kids get too many too soon, and that its safer to delay in order for immune systems to mature. Morgann was the healthiest baby and toddler as well. She's never had to have anti-biotics and her biggest problems have been runny noses or throwing up. Praise God! I'm thankful for a wonderful doctor who is concerned about the overuse of vaccines and the life long side effects. Plus, the aluminum in many vaccines is not regulated like other medicines, where its higher than the recommended maximum exposure. (Dr. Sears has good info on aluminum and better brands of vaccines with less aluminum.)

I do think vaccines are very beneficial, especially in countries that are not as fortunate as ours - for example Tetanus in countries where tetanus is such a problem.

But in America, you can safely delay that. Hep B is a sexually transmitted disease. A 2-day old is NOT at risk. The MMR vaccine was derived using aborted fetal cells, as was the chicken pox vaccine, so I can not ethically use them. Prevnar, my doctor won't use because of the bad side effects he has seen. He thinks HIB is beneficial, but breastfeeding gives babies immunity, (the CDC even indicates this in its pink papers on HIB) so its safe to delay that one for six months or so. I know they do a Rotavirus one again, but that would be too new for me to use, plus with breastfeeding and modern medicine, in America its not a big issue.

that is the short version of my thoughts!

Miranda said...

I was going to post the same thing, about delayed vaccinations but the previous commenters have explained it well. :)

mel said...

My husband and I have concerns as well. We've delayed some shots, opted out of others, declared that more than two won't be given to our daughter, etc. Thankfully, we have a good pediatrician who's willing to work with us and understands us while simultaneously being pro-vaccine.

I'm glad you posted this. It allows for opinions to be given, but there's no reason for people to get fired up about it. It's always so frustrating to try to wade through information and have to deal with back and forth bickering. I just want some facts.

I have heard the Dr. Sears book is good. Chris and I have thought about getting it.

Emily Jennings said...

My kids get their vaccines late because I loose track of time and are usually behind schedule for regular checkups. I try to avoid dr's in general anyway! I think Americans go far to flippantly.

But I do follow the American vaccine system, at first just b/c I thought that's what we do. I began researching and thinking. Then a pediatrician and mom spoke at my MOPS group and really explained to well for me.

We saw SO much disease and death while living overseas. Polio and other diseases, that we have eradicated because of our vaccines, run rampant and kill so many children.

I think we are privileged to live in a country and age where our children will not suffer like others do and have in the past.

There is also the issue of schooling. Typically they will not permit your child if you have not had them vaccinated for at least some things.

Anonymous said...

i think each family is so very different in where they live and how their family functions in this world, where they go. if i were on mission in a third world area i would totally go with full vaccines due to the benefit far outweighing the risk in getting them for myself and my children. if i kept close to home without much involvement in higher risk communities there would be a much thinner line between risks and benefits. i guess it's just not simple:) i would keep in mind we do not function outside of community and that should impact our decisions too. to stand up all alone and say NO! without considering what an outbreak of any of these diseases would do to others is irresponsible, especially for believers. i think you can look at your family, where you spend your time and where your kids spend their time, weigh out the risks and keep in mind we live inside a culture and community of others who live alongside us and you will come out with the best decision:) all of these ideas are so great! i was so happy to read them and see how we all think about it:) thanks!

Parkison Family said...

Dr. Dobson has some good pod casts on this topic. Personally, I have prayed about it. I have a wonderful Christian Pediatrician and I trust him. So we do the vaccines.

Abbey said...

Just another thing...

Personally, I think its tragic that Christians have turned a blind eye to the aborted fetal cell issue in vaccines. I am very saddened by Dr. Dobson's responses on the subject, and that Christian doctors give these vaccines. I just can't compromise on the life issue.

Every state (but WV) has a religious exemption for vaccines and we will use it for the MMR and Chicken Pox, and Hep A (if we had another child and Hep A was required)

Melissa Dudley said...

Hey Tasha -

This is my soapbox.

But I will simply say that I have a beautiful, healthy 4 year old little boy that has never had one vaccination. He attends public school in Union County and lives a normal like like any other kid.

I really could go on and on about the research I've done and why I don't vaccinate my son, but bottom line, there were only 3 things that I needed to know.

1 - All Pediatricians, Christian or not, receive financial kick-backs for the use of vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, care is compromised. It's in their best interest to administer as many as you'll let them.

2 - Some vaccines are manufactured using electively-aborted fetuses bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies. As well as chicken embryos, monkey kidneys..... and so on. If you take a pro-life stance at all, using a vaccine made from aborted life is hypocritical at best.

3 - When going back and forth about vaccines while I was pregnant, someone asked me "Where is the Autism in the Amish Community?" It's not there and neither are vaccines.... they don't administer them to their children.

I have a nicely written Religious Exception for my child that I submitted to the school my son goes to. They gladly accept it without so much as a blink. It's against my civil rights for them to even comment. I would gladly give you or anyone else who reads this a copy.

Good luck in your research. One of my favorite resources is P.A.V.E. http://www.vaccineeducation.org/